ETTY STEELE Vampire Hunter

Grayson is excited. ETTY STEELE Vampire Hunter is almost ready. The cover is being made, the manuscript is finished and even the blurb is written. The blurb took a long time to write for such a short bit of text. Grayson knew he wanted to start with this: Etty Steele is a vampire hunter. There’s... Continue Reading →

Young Writer

Grayson first started writing when he was fifteen. He was obsessed with Lord of the Rings and he watched it over and over again. When he handed his first ever story to his mum, she read a few sentences, smiled, and then handed his laptop back again. "I'll read it later," she said. By 'later'... Continue Reading →

Grayson and Food

Grayson's diet is a bit odd. He doesn't eat gluten, grains, dairy, corn, soya or nightshades … or bats. So... what does he eat? He has a caveman diet - meat, fish and veg. There is no blood involved; he is not a vampire. He doesn't even like his steaks raw. Grayson eats a lot... Continue Reading →

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