ETTY STEELE has landed

Grayson’s book release almost went completely wrong…

Ever since Etty Steele was published five days ago, Grayson has been bothering everyone at home with his amazon obsession. He checks it religiously to see how Etty Steele is doing. His parents are thinking of cutting him off. The thing is, this is Grayson’s first ever published book and the excitement and amazement are at an all time high. Things didn’t quite go to plan on the day of release, however.

So, Grayson had never published a book before and, therefore, it was all very new to him. The book was being released on amazon on Friday. Grayson had posted the release date on Facebook – he’d been doing a countdown and everything! However, Grayson had been a bit fussy about his cover art and so this delayed things. Thursday afternoon came and the cover design hadn’t quite been finished. Panic began to set in. Everyone Grayson knew was expecting a book to be released.

Late on Thursday afternoon, the email came through. The legends at had made all Grayson’s requested changes and the finished product looked incredible! Grayson was at work at the time the email came through. The kids in his class were watching a film (as it was the second to last day before the summer). They chose Mr Bean’s Holiday, which surprised Grayson as it was something he’d watched himself as a child.

Finally, the last bell rang and Grayson led his class out (the last class to leave as usual because Grayson is always late for everything) and then he tidied his classroom while he waited until 4pm – when he could leave.

That evening, Grayson uploaded everything to amazon. He was done! He was actually early for once! The book was online!

Oh wait…!

Your book is in review. It should appear on amazon within 72 hours…

72 HOURS??!! But Grayson needed the book published by the next day! A wave of nausea swept over poor Grayson. He’d thought he was on time. He’d thought he’d been organised. Clearly not.

There was a lot of worrying and not to mention some pulling out of hair.

Thankfully, amazon was quicker than expected. The next morning, the book was online. Hmmm… only the paperback version had been approved. There’d been a problem with the ebook. Grayson’s keywords were too vague!

On Friday, Grayson went into work looking a little harassed. Grayson had to tell his class the ebook wasn’t ready yet.

The second half of Mr Bean’s Holiday was playing when the email came through; the ebook had been reviewed and accepted. Grayson ran to the computer, put on the free promotion, and breathed a sigh of relief. Thankfully, Grayson’s class weren’t too mad that he’d switched off their film for a moment. Grayson was touched by how excited they were to download the book that weekend.

Grayson hopes they’re enjoying it.

And you, reader, you should read it too. 99p/99c on amazon


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