ETTY STEELE Vampire Hunter

Grayson is excited. ETTY STEELE Vampire Hunter is almost ready. The cover is being made, the manuscript is finished and even the blurb is written. The blurb took a long time to write for such a short bit of text. Grayson knew he wanted to start with this:

Etty Steele is a vampire hunter. There’s only one problem – she doesn’t have her hunter powers. No super-strength, no super-speed. Nothing.
When she goes back to school after the summer, she’s surprised to find a new boy has joined her class. Even more surprising – he’s a vampire!

But he couldn’t decide whether to finish with this:

To make matters worse, a clan of vampires has come to Brightwood. Will Etty be strong enough to face them? Or will she be out of her depth?

Or this:

If only there was a way to stake him through the heart without anyone noticing.

Grayson asked his mum (the font of all knowledge) for advice. She said she liked both. This was not helpful to Grayson. He went with the second one. Good choice?

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