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  1. Guided reading used to be one of Grayson’s most dreaded lessons when it came to planning. Therefore, he thought he’d create over a term’s worth of SAT’s style questions for his book, Etty Steele Vampire Hunter, to make teachers’ lives a little easier. There are about 15 questions for each chapter and they are split into these domains: Vocab, Infer, Predict, Explain, Retrieve, Summarise. Visit TES to access the resource (complete with answers) for FREE!
    Chapter Questions Pic 2
  2. Make sure you check out Grayson’s YouTube channel to listen to the ETTY STEELE Vampire Hunter official audiobook for free!
  3. Grayson is currently working on a sequence of FREE writing lessons based on Etty Steele.
    1. Week 1 is now finished! Expanded noun phrases, modal verbs and similes/ metaphors covered this week. Plan, presentation and resources included – Activinspire, Notebook and PDF versions available.
    2. Week 2 is available! Using setting to create mood, speech punctuation, relative clauses and expanded noun phrase revision.
    3. Week 3 is here! An imaginative instruction text on how to brew a potion!  Grammar – imperative verbs, modal verbs, adverbials of time and subordinate clauses.
    4. Week 4 has arrived! This week, get the class writing a newspaper article! Grammar – passive voice, semi-colons and parenthesis.
    5. Week 5 is done! A myth this week! Grammar – reported speech, adverbials of place, expanded noun phrases, complex sentences, similes and metaphors.
    6. Week 6 is finished! In this final week of Grayson’s 6 week writing unit, get your class writing an argument. They’ll have a debate to gather their ideas, plan each paragraph following a structured plan and then write it up complete with introduction and conclusion.

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