Etty Steele Review

★★★★★ "...I really loved all of the characters in this book. It was such good fun to read through...." Grayson wanted to share Niffler Reads' review of Etty Steele Vampire Hunter. After sending a copy to the book niffler herself, he was amazed to see the blog post on Niffler Reads' website. Definitely check out the full... Continue Reading →

Hunter Series Book 2

Grayson Grave has just finished the first draft of Etty Steele book 2. He is now pestering his mum (also known as the fiercest critic in the world) to read it before it goes off to his editor. Grayson can't wait to reveal the publication date! See the hilarious outtakes of the below video on... Continue Reading →

In the newspaper!

Grayson was over the moon to find himself in the local newspaper! He keeps the article in a drawer in his room. His nan outdid him, however. Grayson was touched to see the article framed on her kitchen wall when he went to visit her! Since the article's release, Grayson has even been recognised in... Continue Reading →

Drowning in children’s books!

Grayson needs a life jacket! It didn't look like Grayson had that many books when they were in the classroom! However, his bedroom is now overrun. Take a look... What's he going to do with them all? They might have to go in the garage... But Dad is very protective of the garage. This might... Continue Reading →

ETTY STEELE has landed

Grayson's book release almost went completely wrong... Ever since Etty Steele was published five days ago, Grayson has been bothering everyone at home with his amazon obsession. He checks it religiously to see how Etty Steele is doing. His parents are thinking of cutting him off. The thing is, this is Grayson's first ever published... Continue Reading →

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