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Grayson first started writing when he was fifteen. He was obsessed with Lord of the Rings and he watched it over and over again. When he handed his first ever story to his mum, she read a few sentences, smiled, and then handed his laptop back again. “I’ll read it later,” she said. By ‘later’ she meant never.

After that first book, Grayson spent hours writing on his laptop in his purple bedroom that had a ticking, whirring boiler and cigarette stains on the ceiling (from the previous owner, of course). Grayson probably should’ve given up. He didn’t.

A couple years later, he became obsessed with Charmed (a TV show about witches). Grayson is deeply embarrassed about this now. He began writing books about teen witches. He’s started countless novels over the years (mostly unfinished) and half of them are on old laptops that are hidden under his bed never to see the light of day again.

Finally, poor Grayson started to improve when he was at uni. He studied Creative Writing. His stories were all right but his poetry was truly terrible. Grayson’s poetry tutor was inspiring. He used to fly around the room spouting poetry. Grayson thought his rhyming poem about the different colours of the rainbow was totally clever and amazing… It wasn’t. He received, possibly, the worst mark ever. Worst of all: the comment, “This is cliché and unoriginal.” Dagger through the chest.

Nowadays, he’s still writing. He gave the final draft of ETTY STEELE Vampire Hunter to his mum. Surprisingly, she read the whole thing. He got one word out of her. She said, “Better.”

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    1. Thank you so much! Grayson hopes you like the book. If so, tell all your friends! 😀

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