Etty Steele Podcast

Grayson has something incredible to share! Amazingly, Etty Steele Vampire Hunter has been featured in the first pottheads-who-read podcast review.

The pottheads, like Grayson, are fanatical about Harry Potter! A match made in heaven! Hopefully, they’ll check out Grayson’s Harry Potter FanFic!

Grayson was flattered and honoured that Etty Steele was chosen to be discussed, and couldn’t wait to listen to all the booktalk – of which there was an hour’s worth! It was such a strange and wonderful experience to listen to other people giving their opinions on his story and his characters. To Grayson’s great relief, the two pottheads really liked the book and went into detail about its themes and style (without giving any major story spoilers).

If you’re thinking about starting the Etty Steele series, then this podcast gives you everything you need to know, offering honest opinions and a really engaging booktalk.

Thank you pottheads!

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